Monday, May 9, 2011

Driftwood Sculpture

As we was walking the beach at Fort Worden, the northeast tip of Port Townsend, Washington, there were fabulous piles of driftwood.

I was talking about the addition of a tall sculpture in the orchard at home. My good friend, Shelley, suggested that I make one.

As we walked down the beach through the driftwood maze, I came upon a piece of driftwood that looked like the body of a bird. It was rather heavy, so I stood it up hoping that we would find it on our way back. At least a mile down the beach I found the perfect head for the bird. The picture was formulating in my mind. I needed two flat, small driftwood pieces for feet.

Carrying the driftwood selections, we traced our steps back hoping to find the body part. I was about to give up when, amazingly, Shelley found it!

The driftwood pieces were piled by my garage for about a week waiting for assembly. I did have to retrieve one piece of driftwood from the jaws of my dog!

The final product.....

Closer view......

I am thinking of a name for the bird. Any suggestions?


  1. This is terrfic! That piece does look just like the body of a bird! Very neat!!! I love how it turned out and your vision to create this! xo

  2. Hi Heather,

    Thanks! I am pretty excited about how it turned out and it is fun to see it in the orchard.

  3. Perhaps "Whimsy"? Since he's so whimsical...
    Perhaps "Dippity" since his parts were a product of serendipity?
    Or "Herbert"?
    Quirky little fellow that he is...
    A real charmer...
    Enjoy ~