Friday, September 25, 2009

Quality Check

Some good advice came my way from Jason at Xandau Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, regarding taking a quality check of your art. He stresses the importance of continuous improvement in what you do.

He says, "I have known and worked with hundreds of artists over the years. The most successful artists are devoted to high quality. They have the ability to step back from their work and look at it through their buyer's eyes. Art collectors are picky. They demand attention to detail. Their homes are immaculate. You must create work that will fit seamlessly into their homes."

Jason believes that the medium doesn't matter - sculpture, jewelry, paintings, photography or fiber art - the presentation must be flawless.

He suggests thinking of each work you create as a masterpiece. Treat it as such.

His advice in regards to one small thing to improve the quality of your work:

"Invite someone you trust to evaluate the quality of your art. You should invite an artist you admire, or a designer, or a gallery owner over to the studio for coffee. Present 5-6 pieces. Ask the question 'What are three things I could do to improve the quality of my presentation?'

It is his belief that an objective observer will see your art in a way you never could. Jason advises to repeat this process every 1-2 years and make a commitment to constantly improve your quality.

Excellent advice, wouldn't you agree?

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