Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Painting

Recently I have just returned to painting after a couple of months sabbatical. Actually this painting was on my drafting table before moving into my house. What is really great is that my studio is part of my living space. Each day I pass by my work in progress and can get ideas as to where to go next with it. This one spent far to long in the "where to go next" process.

I am not sure it is done........

In a couple of days I am off to see the colors on the East Coast. A first for me! I have signed up for a workshop at Kripalu entitled "Painting and Yoga in the Berkshires" with Linda Novick, an artist, art eductor, and certified professioal- level Kripalu Yoga teacher.

Check back to see what paintings evolve from this experience.

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