Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feng Shui Guide For Creativity

How do you create the best feng shui space to support your creativity? Contrary to the popular belief about feng shui, an ideal feng shui space is not the Zen-looking serene space. The ideal feng shui space is the space that has the best feng shui energy to support a specific activity intended for that space.

The feng shui of a creative process - be it painting, writing music or writing a book - always implies making space for that which is not here yet. In other words, it is like the birth of a baby - highly expected, painful, powerful and chaotic at the same time.

Rodika Tchi, a Feng Shui guide, suggests that in order to attract the best feng shui energy for your creative studio apply these basic feng shui tips:

1. Have elements from nature (plants, natural light, rocks from the beach, etc.)
2. Bring strong blocks of color and movement (art, music, small fountain, etc.)
3. Display representation of your successful projects.
4. Clearly organize all the tools you need.
5. Create a clearly defined "no-rules" area. Make it as big or as small as your space allows and let it contain various items you deem necessary with no restrictions. The only rule, though, is to revise and clean this area at regular intervals that work for you - be it every week, every day or every month.

To sum it up, the feng shui of a creative space will evoke the same energy that describes the creative process - the balance between the quiet energy of dreaming/germination and the full bloom of active, strong manifestation. By applying basic feng shui tips and guidelines, you will strenghten the feng shui flow of creative energy and create a feng shui space to support, as well as promote, your brilliant creativity!

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