Sunday, September 20, 2009


A friend e-mail me about a new online magazine dedicated to art of all kinds.

The premiere issue is now up and ready for you to view. ARTOCRATIC is a FREE online magazine that features interviews, essays, fiction, poetry, visual art, and other un-categorizable items. Some of the areas touched on by the material in the debut include: identity, mental illness, celebrity, idiom, awesomeness, electronic music, divorce, creative ways of grieving, the nature of luck, stalking, chewing gum.

The editors are interested in the forces that affect our lives, both those that are beyond human conscious intention or control and those fully within our jurisdiction.

Wherever it may occur, the intersection of art, humanity, and the apprehension of the infinite is this magazine's fascination. Artocratic welcomes all perspectives that illuminate any of these or their confluence. They anticipate: essays, interviews, dialogues, short fiction, poetry, scholarly articles, how-to guides, puzzles, audio and visual art, including music, performance art, video, photography; pieces that range from tiny to huge both in terms of length and profundity.

Sounds like an online magazine to bookmark!

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