Monday, September 21, 2009

Plein air paintings

One plein air painter that I follow daily is Loriann Signori.

Besides creating exciting works of art in pastels, what I find really fascinating is that she does an underpainting in watercolors. The watercolor underpaintings are beautiful alone.

In her blog she shows how they progress to the final piece. Loriann shares about her experiences as a plein air painter.

"Plein air paintings serve many purposes. Many are beautiful pieces that hold on their own as 'finished.' Others are studies for bigger works. And still others can be both. Because of this I wanted to share one very important tip. Photograph your work in many stages. For me the most important stage is the underpainting. When you have these photos it makes it easy to go "back into your head" and begin to recreate the feeling you had out there in the field. I often take notes to remember how it felt and sounded when I was on site. When using my plein air pieces I have no real need for photos of the scene. Cool, eh?"

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