Monday, August 31, 2009

Woodinville City Hall Art Exhibit

It is very exciting to hang an art show!

Today I hung eleven watercolor paintings and watercolor collage paintings in Woodinville City Hall. They do a fabulous job to make sure the art shows well, and Brenda Eriksen is very helpful.

My first rule in hanging an art show is to take more art than can possibly fit in the space allowed. This way you can arrange paintings as you see fit. Be sure to ask ahead of time about art identification cards and if price information is acceptable.

Second rule is to work with the person who hangs the paintings and not just drop them off. Besides getting to know more about the person and their role, you are able to see that your art is shown in its "best light".

Third rule is to set aside plenty of time to take in the atmosphere and visit with people passing through as well as staff. It is just good publicity!

Remember to bring a camera to take pictures of the art exhibit. It is nice to have photos for your records.

Bring cards and a bio or artist statement; more publicity.

Also, have an inventory list of the art with titles and prices to leave with the person in charge of the art exhibit.

Take a step back and take in the feeling of success!

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