Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunday Sketches

I LOVE when the hummingbirds return!

Not only are they the most fascinatingly beautiful little bird, but I also enjoy watching their antics and listening to their whistle while working in the yard.

The Calliope hummingbird even hangs out in our area during the winter. Here is a watercolor and ink sketch of the little guy at rest.

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  1. so lovely
    you have captured the hummingbird spirit beautifully!

  2. Joanne, this painting is are so lucky to see them in real life. I've only ever seen them on tele. I always look forward to seeing the kingfishers here... I only ever catch a glimpse of blue... :)

    1. he's so cute! i really like the colors..very pretty!

  3. So beautiful. Like Catherine I've never seen one for 'real'. How amazing to have them in your garden. Your painting is really stunning. I keep scrolling back up for another look!

  4. Beautiful hummingbird! Great job on the many colored feathers.

  5. this is an absolutely wonderful painting. i love all the details of colors and textures! so so pretty!

  6. Oh gosh, Joanne. Your hummingbird is STUNNING! Wow, I love the different colours, the line work. Seriously. Tears here as I look at this piece. Your watercolor work is incredibly inspiring. :)

  7. I love your painting of the bird - beautiful. Happy SS