Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Makeup Artist

Recently I was invited to be one of the community members of Spiritual Cinema Circle to discuss the monthly selection of films with co-founder, Stephen Simon.

In the process of getting ready for the camera, I was introduced to the art of makeup.

Sherrie Duncan is an artist who paints on faces! She arrives with a huge case of colors and brushes, and sets up in a well lighted corner of the studio to perform her art. Like any artist, she has an array of brush sizes for each area of the face as well as paint-like boxes of colors. I was the subject matter!

Sherrie blended colors to make my face look natural without the shine for the camera, and brought my eyes out with color and line. A very gifted artist!

Pleased with her creativity, I was ready for the set.

Here I am behind the cameras.....

Stephen Simon, who is studying his notes, and myself in between discussions of the four films selected for June.

Each month subscribers receive a DVD with three short films and one feature film. Now these films are not "Hollywood" type movies, although one of the movies I discussed with Stephen won an Oscar for best short film. Spiritual Cinema Circle movies have heart and soul. They provoke thought and celebrate the human spirit. Plus, you keep them for your library and you can share anytime with friends and family.

I was invited to discuss the June selection of movies with Stephen. You can sign up on the website for a free month.

Sign up in June and watch me on YOUR DVD.

Sherrie made me look fantastic! Thank you, Sherrie :)


  1. I share your enthusiasm working with Sherrie. I too felt very surprised how well she made me look for that camera with her talent for knowing how to transform a persons appearance with make-up and hair as well. It was a fantastic experience I would never forget.

  2. Hi Gma,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Definitely UNFORGETTABLE!