Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Sketches

I just returned from incredible adventures in Peru and managed to create a few sketches along the way.

I spent several days at Willka T'ika Guesthouse in the Sacred Valley which is a charming and lovely place full of beautiful gardens, fabulous vegetarian food which was grown there, and filled with 18 wonderful women to share experiences.

I became very fond of the thousand-year-old Lucuma tree which called Carol, the inspiration behind Willka T'ika, to this piece of land for the setting of the guesthouse. As she explains, "In the crown chakra garden, a thousand-year-old lucuma tree connects guests to the energy and wisdom of the ancient Inkan civilization. The grassy area beneath the lucuma tree is a perfect place for meditation." The tree has these wonderful, bulbous appendices of bark. One evening for desert we were treated to a wonderful dish with the lucuma fruit......yum!

Here I am painting the first sketch of the Lucuma tree.

This is the first sketch.

I had to get closer to really capture the bark.

Here is that rendition of the Lucuma Tree.

And here is the beautiful tree.

I will be painting more of this tree!


  1. beautiful sketch of an exotic tree. Wonderful travels you are experiencing and the weather looks great.

  2. Yay! Drawing outdoors! And it looks like you had a wonderful afternoon and have your lovely drawing from the day. I like the way you used lines to add texture--looks like an organic flow of continuous lines--and the variation of textures you represented. :)
    Happy SS,

  3. Lovely sketches for a wonderful place ~ Can see why you will be sketching more of this tree ~ Wow! What an experience! ~
    thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) linked with Sunday Sketches ^_^

  4. Awesome sketches...what an inspiring place. Lucky you! POP ART MINIS

  5. That is a beautiful tree and the gardens are fabulous! Super painting.

  6. What an interesting tree. I love your sketches of it!