Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pattern Broken

Although I painted two pictures today, I did not finish the second one which breaks my pattern this week of painting two pictures a day.

I must admit, I did take a fabulous walk with my dog in the SUNSHINE!!!

I also spent several hours on my first painting creating the details of the textiles warn by the Peruvian people. Because the oil painting is still wet, I did not photograph it to share. But here are some of the others that are drying.

The first one is of a Peruvian woman and her child who we met when stopping for a Kodak moment while going over the mountains into the Sacred Valley. You find Peruvians selling beautiful items at various stops along the roads as well as in the towns.

This painting is of a Peruvian woman weaving.

I am starting to rethink entering my paintings in the 30 Day Art Challenge. Because of the time I am spending on each painting and the final product, I am considering doing my own Peru art show.

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