Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Oil Paintings From Peru

Yes, I am glowing in the feeling of accomplishment having completed the 30 Day Art Challenge.

Since I am on a painting frenzy, I decided to do a couple of paintings for the Cannon Beach Gallery's Annual Miniature Art Show. I love this beautiful spot on the Oregon Coast. The size of my paints are going from 8" by 10" to 4" by 5." Believe it or not they still take several hours to paint! I think I will continue with the Peru subject matter. I need to have them finished by Saturday to mail in time for the jury process next week.

Here are more of the paintings for the 30 Day Art Challenge which will be displayed in Seattle at the Tashiro Kapalan Art Lofts in December.

This painting is of Gabbie who was our fabulous guide. Having ground up in Peru and the Sacred Valley, she knew all the lore and history as well as great adventures tourists do not know about. In this painting she is showing us how to do the coca leaf ceremony to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

I loved seeing the llamas freely roaming around Machu Picchu. Besides, they are fun to paint!

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