Monday, October 10, 2011


I am in the groove!

It is the 10th of October and I have ELEVEN paintings completed in the 30 Day Art Challenge. Considering I did not get started painting until the 5th, I am a painting maniac! I have been averaging two a day and plan to stay at this pace as long as I can because the paintings must be dry by October 30th.

I am having a great time painting with oils (water-based) and using images from Peru that my fabulous sisters are sharing on the internet. I was camera less in Peru after the second day, but found myself enjoying the freedom of just being present

And, now I am reliving the experiences and memories while painting.

Here are the first few......

Don Benito and His Son

Quechua Child

Peruvian Woman with a Goat

They are on canvas board and are 8" X 10".

More tomorrow........


  1. beautiful inspired work...first I'm hearing of water based oils, they think of everything!

  2. Hi Christine,


    They even smell like oil paints, I am getting addicted to them.