Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Art In Ecology

A solo Art Exhibit of fifteen watercolor collage paintings are on display until May 15th at the Department of Ecology in Lacey, Washington.

Watercolor paper when torn creates distinct shapes with wonderful uneven edges. In a fleeting ray of inspiration, I decided to tear parts of paintings and recreate a new one; thus, the birth of my collage watercolor paintings. I have always been an avid recycler! The process continued to evolve when I began to tear shapes resembling nature out of older watercolor paintings, assemble the composition, and continue to paint the picture. More recently, I have added water-based oil paint to the collage to provide greater depth and deeper color. Now, I find myself going back and forth between traditional watercolor and collage watercolor painting so much that they have begun to merge as one. This new dimension of painting continues to inspire my creativity and provides me with a unique way to express myself.

Found Treasures At The Seashore
Watercolor Collage
Joanne Osband

Because of the security for the building, you will need to phone ahead for an appointment to view the art.

The main phone number is 360-407-6000 or Jeffree Stewart, art coordinator, 360-407-6521. Other people you might ask for if Jeffree is not available are Janet Hyre or Kim Collins who are art committee colleagues. The hours are weekdays 8AM to 5PM. The Department of Ecology is located at 300 Desmond Drive SE in Lacey just past the Martin Way exit from I-5.

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