Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Botanical Art Lovers

From Iris Series
by Rosie Sanders

Rosie Sanders is a self-taught artist.

She's known for pushing the boundaries of ‘botanical’ painting. Her close-ups of flower heads are painted on a hugely magnified scale. Paintings can be as large as 5 feet across and up to ten times bigger than the flowers she is depicting. She works in bold and saturated colours in watercolour on arches paper, building tension by leaving much of the background bare and rarely allowing the flowers to touch.

She uses dramatic lighting and lights her flowers from behind with bright light to reveal the translucency and texture of the flowers’ petals.

Two youtube videos made by Tod Grimwade are a "must see!"

Rosie Sanders Part 1: The inspiration behind her work where she talks about her garden and why she finds flowers inspiring - and shows us a number of very large works

Rosie Sanders Part 2: Rosie at work in her studio where she shows us her studio, her techniques for the way she works and the brushes she uses for watercolour painting on this scale.

Rosie Sanders at work - painting an iris from life in watercolour
from video 2

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