Thursday, March 18, 2010


Another fabulous spring day in Olympia, Washington!

Having had dry weather for a couple of days, I decided to get out the Landrollers and take my dog with me to skate on the Chehalis Western Trail.

Being that I am a bit out of shape for the season, I took a break at my favorite spot by the water. This is a late spring photograph; it is a bit more sparse in the foliage category today. Although the water lilies pads are beginning to rise.

The sun was popping in an out of clouds. I told myself that I would sit on the bench as long as the sun was shining on me. When the next cloud covered the sun, I would roll along again. After a few minutes, I was graced with a bald eagle cruising not far above my head.

Our encounter was serendipitously aligned.

I am always thrilled whenever I have a close encounter with a bald eagle!

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