Monday, July 9, 2012

Northwest Coast of Washington Trek

I have dreamed of visiting the most north western portion of Washington and walking the coastline. It is claimed to be one of the most spectacular places to see in Washington.

It lives up to its reputation!

Shi Shi Beach

My good friends, Maxine and Ray, are seasoned hikers and invited me to join them on a three night - four day trek from Sand Point to Shi Shi Beach. Having been there before, they knew the ropes (pun, tee hee). Although this is not a long hike in miles, it is very tedious and challenging scaling the cliffs, climbing over rocks, walking on rocks and in slippery tide pools, fording a river, and knowing the tides and terrain necessary to cover so as not to be trapped. Definitely not the average hike!

Here I am ready to go......

You might notice that I do not have a huge backpack.....

Instead, I had Sherpa George.*

Ray, George, Maxine at Ozette River Bridge

We were graced to share this beautiful place with many of the coastal wildlife. Eagles nested in the trees by our campsites and flew overhead, even displaying talon grabbing behavior. The first evening we watched whales swimming South. We walked along side of deer, and shared the river with an otter. There was a plethora of starfish of various sizes and colors, two octopus sightings, and an array of sea critters and sea plants.

Sea life.....

The ropes......and there were MANY!

More fabulous scenery.....

Eagle posing for photo....

*George's backpack broke before departure. In order for all of us to go on the adventure, George and I had to consolidate our stuff.

The "Maxinator" decided what goes and what does not. The next thing I knew, I had my own personal Sherpa :)

Thank you, Maxine!

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