Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

I need your help......

Each year in Olympia, The Washington Center For The Performing Arts has an annual fundraiser called "27 Feet of Art....and MORE!" It is an art exhibit and online auction fundraiser which began with 27 artists, but has grown over the years.

Artists donate a piece of art that is 12" X 12" to raise money for the arts in our town. I bought a package of seven 12" X 12" canvases at the art store. Now, I have seven oil paintings to choose from.

I could use your help in selecting the painting to enter to be juried for the exhibit.

Please vote on your favorite.

Square # 1

Square # 2

Square # 3

Square # 4

Square # 5

Square # 6

Square # 7

Thanks, I appreciate your help!

Leftovers will be shown at Holiday Happenings in November in Olympia.


  1. I like number seven. They are all beautiful.

  2. Hi Joanne - I really honed in on #2, though I couldn't say why for sure. I do love fuscias so 7 is tempting too. I know how hard they are to capture, since I tried very unsuccessfully to photograph some yesterday. It sounds like a great exhibit to be part of.