Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Day in Gaza

I spent the day with the children and coordinators at the Afaq Jadeela Association in Mukhaim El Jadeed as part of the Maia Mural Project.

They were sooo gracious and joyous.

You must watch the dance they performed for Melissa and me.

"We are the children of Palestine. We are living, sometimes we are not. We demand our rights. We have the right to play and have recreation. We have the right to education. It is good for man to go any place, we cannot. We have the right to express our thoughts. We are the makers of the new future. We have the right to protection. We have the right to live in peace. We have a right to clean environment. We have the right to healthcare and medications. By our talents and our skills...we can do miracles for our homeland.

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