Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Native; The Red-Flowering Currant

At the bleak tail-end of winter, red-flowering currant’s flurry of blossoms act like horticultural Prozac. Gracefully drooping clusters of crimson flowers adorn shrubs that have yet to leaf out. The blooms reassure us that yes, spring is nearly here. The rest of the year the shrub is a good garden citizen, greening up nicely with maple-like leaves, making berries for the birds, and turning gently yellow in the fall—while quietly awaiting its return to top billing.

I purchased several native plants from the Conservation District last year and am happy to report most are showing signs of life especially the red-flowering currants. Need I say, the hummingbirds are delighted?!

You can also see the red-flowering currant in open woods, on cliffs, and along roadsides in Washington.

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