Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artists Helping Japan

Keiko Tanabe has created a fund-raiser on her Daily Painting Blog. Artist create a piece of art which is then downloaded to the website and entered into the auction. She has chosen "home" as a theme for all the artwork submitted. All art is for sale with the proceeds going to one of the organizations that collect donations for disaster relief efforts in Japan.

If you are an artist or interested in purchasing art, here is the information you will need to know.

"The Help Japan Challenge" does not have an ending date.

Each painting has an auction that ends at 9 pm CST at least 7 days after the painting was submitted. Be sure to check the time remaining on the auction page of the painting you are interested in to see when that auction ends.

I entered this collage watercolor painting:

How About A Cup
Joanne Osband
watercolor collage

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