Monday, March 14, 2011

Does Size Make a Difference?

A question to ponder.....

I remember enjoying painting on huge canvases because it was like a dance. Not only did you move your arm as you painted, but also your body.

When I began painting in watercolors, a half sheet of watercolor paper seemed essential to capture all that I wanted to paint.

Recently while traveling in Greece, I created small watercolor and ink sketches because I was traveling light.

Today as I painted with watercolors, I wondered about the significance of size.

In the third watercolor painting of sand orchids of Greece, I finally loosened up. Yet as I painted today, I became mesmerized by shapes and colors as I worked a small area of the painting. The thought occurred to me to cut out the section of the painting as the final product.

It reminded me of a story my artist friend, Judi Colwell, told of tearing off a section of one of her paintings because the art patron liked that part. It really shocked the customer!

Here is the watercolor painting so far......

And the detail....

Who knows where this might go?


  1. It is beautiful! I so want to learn watercolors. I'm going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to see what I can find. I have some watercolors but I'm looking for some instruction books now.

    I hope to see you on Sunday Sketches. They're so much fun!

  2. Hi Deanna,

    Thank you :)

    Watercolors are such fun! There are many, many books to choose from.

    Yes, I will check out Sunday Sketches, thanks.