Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Light and Texture

Today I was reading to my art therapy client from the book Incredible Light and Texture in Watercolor by James Toogood.

The paintings in the book are exquisite. He provides step-by-step demonstrations to teach the basic watercolor techniques depicting light and texture. I was very impressed with how thorough he covered each subject. It is what most people ask for when learning watercolors.

James believes that talent is overrated. "Determination and persistence are more important. If you have a passion for painting, the skills can be acquired."

He feels that painting is a powerful and unique language that reaches out across borders and communicates to virtually anyone, anywhere. I know this for a fact through my involvement in the field of art therapy.

His book is rightfully named as James paints incredible light and texture into his watercolor paintings. Look how he captures the water.........

James Toogood

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