Thursday, July 9, 2009

Henry Miller on Painting - Part 3

I must share more of Henry's writing in regards to watercolor painting. It is from the book, Paint As You Like And Die Happy.

"Yes, to paint is to love again, live again, see again. To get up at the crack of dawn in order to take a peek at the watercolors one did the day before, or even a few hours before, is like stealing a look at the beloved while she sleeps. The thrill is even greater if one has first to draw back the curtains. How they glow in the cold light of early dawn! Another hour or two and they will already have lost some of their gleam and sparkle. Coming on them by surprise this way they give the impression of having slept all night with their eyes open.

Is there any writer who rouses himself at daybreak in order to read the pages of his manuscript? Perish the thought!

Another thrill, almost as great as catching the sleeper awake, is to see one's work matted and framed. Suddenly the paintings assume another, fuller, richer character. Properly dressed, they are now ready to visit the queen or any high dignitary. Comes the problem how and where to show them to full advantage. There never is enough wall space, alas."

Henry really gets to the heart of painting.

What do you think?

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