Saturday, July 11, 2009

"A Good Idea"

I just finished hanging twenty of my watercolor paintings and watercolor collage paintings at the Lynnwood Library Art Gallery.

Within a day I received a call from an artist who complimented me on not only my paintings, but also the way I matted and framed the art.

Let me explain. I came up with a process which is easy for me and displays well because the art is uniform in size and color.

I like to paint on a half-sheet of watercolor paper and I matte all my paintings with a double matte; a pebble white with 1/4 inch charcoal inner matte. My choice being that a white matte allows the color of the watercolor painting to "pop" as my friend, Deb, likes to say. My paintings tend to be colorful.

The outside dimension of the matte is 18" x 24." It is a standard size for frames and makes it easy for customers to change frames if they choose. I use the frosted silver thin metal frame for most of my paintings which gives them the uniform look when in a solo show.

I think you can get an idea from this photo of my art exhibit at Reflections Gallery in Olympia, Washington.