Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Sketches

When I was at the art show in Boston Harbor, this touching scene struck me and said, "paint."

This young musician was entertaining the crowd of art patrons. When the gentleman who plays the fiddle came to play music, the young boy sat watching intensely. You felt as if his he was taking in every move and sound the fiddler played. It was so sweet when they played together.

©2012 Joanne Osband
8" X 11"
watercolor & ink

I will not be available to participate in Sunday Sketches for about a month as my son is getting married and I will be "grandma on duty" to my two year old grandson. Wish me lots of energy :)

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  1. this is wonderful Joanne, I almost feel as though I am there hearing the music.

  2. Great subject matter and beautifully captured! Enjoy all the wedding festivities!!

  3. an inspiration for sure, i can feel the room..


  4. This is my absolute favourite piece of yours, Joanne. Don't suppose you'd want to sell it?! I have an old violin sitting my bedroom closet, patiently waiting to be repaired so I can play it once again... :)

    Good luck with your son's wedding. Wishing you the best there. You will be missed here. xx

  5. beautiful painting - and yep, you'll be BUSY!!!! Congrats and enjoy!
    cheers, dana