Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A GREAT Question

One of my favorite blogs is Making A Mark by artist and writer Katherine Tyrrell.

Katherine asks GREAT questions and sets up polls on her blog. Today's question which caught my eye is "How long do you spend looking at a painting you like?"

When I see a painting that I like, I will immediately walk up close and study it. I look at colors, lines, shapes, forms, light, shadow, how the artist applied the medium, and I also think about my art work. After close scrutiny, I step back again to enjoy the whole piece. This might take five minutes or more. Sometimes I even return to the painting or piece before leaving the gallery or show.

How about you?

How long do you spend looking at a painting you like?

How long do people spend looking at art these days?

According to Katherine's poll (lower right hand side of her blog post) at this time, 1-2 minutes is in the lead........


  1. Interesting questions, I like your answers, you also obviously have a trained eye, being an artist! One or 2 minutes sounds about right for me, I will often fall in love with a painting and not quite know why!

  2. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Yes, sometimes there is no "why".