Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Did She Do THAT?

You might be wondering what is buried under the rice?

My good friend told me that she accidentally washed her cell phone in the washing machine. I wondered how she could do a thing like that?

Today, I DID THAT!

After pulling out all its innards to wipe them dry, I immediately went to the Internet. What would you do?

I learned that most posts recommended burying the phone in white rice which draws out the moisture. But, being the health food nut I am, I had to go to my neighbors to see if I could borrow some white rice. I also had to make a phone call as I do not have a land line.

Of course my neighbors thought that was the funniest thing. (NOTE; it was my reaction too when my friend did it.) And, I had to endure several more jokes at my behalf. Why? Hot or cold water? Hope it didn't shrink!

Hopefully by morning the cell phone will work again :)

Moral to the story: Don't laugh, it could happen to YOU!

By the way, this has nothing to do with art, but human foibles make interesting reading.

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