Monday, February 7, 2011

Color, YES!

Coming out of the winter doldrums any sign of color outdoors is exciting. Yes, a few crocus have been sighted, but what has made me really ecstatic are the hardy cyclamen plants I purchased in the fall from the Perennial Gardener, Olympia, Washington.

If you have never heard of cyclamen, chances are you have probably seen these Mediterranean members of the primrose family. Cyclamen are very popular flowering houseplants that are exceptionally beautiful and very striking. They are commonly sold in supermarkets, retail stores, and florist shops, and their immense popularity continues to grow.

Cyclamen are known for their beautiful deep green foliage adorned with interesting silver patterns and shading that resembles the finest marble. The foliage can be lobed, kidney-shaped, round, or heart-shaped, and it is just as lovely as the flowers perched above on long sturdy stems.

The flowers are a beautiful sight to behold. They look as if they have been turned inside out, and they boast various shades and intensities of red, pink, lavender, and white. It is no wonder why these beautiful houseplants are so popular.

The hardy cyclamens are just as lovely. Especially now when very little is blooming. Here are my lovelies:

I must admit to getting out the "sluggo" (slug and snail bait that will eliminate slugs and snails while posing no threat to pets or wildlife.) to allow these beauties to reach their full potential.

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