Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

Did you watch the lunar eclipse last night (or rather, earlier this morning)?

It is interesting that one of my tall Douglas firs split in the last wind storm and provided me with an opening to the sky to watch the lunar eclipse from the comfort of my studio. Since this lunar eclipse on the solstice will not occur again for another 84 years, I thought this was very fortuitous.

Also, here in Washington we had a very light cloud cover. Another rarity! I was expecting darkness at the point where our full shadow was across the moon, but it was rather light instead. I could not see the orange glow as photographed by people living elsewhere. The clouds seem to pass in front of the moon and I could still make out its image.

Today, December 21st, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the Winter Solstice. I plan to celebrate the return of the "light" with friends eating and creating art.

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