Friday, December 3, 2010

Festival of Light

What an appropriate time to be reminded of the "light" when I have been complaining about how early it is getting dark these days.

Chanukah is the "Festival of Light" in celebration of the miracle of the oil lasting for eight days after the Jews retained control of the Temple in Jerusalem.

I have always enjoyed the ritual of lighting the candles each night. Yet, as I grew older I found even more significance in the symbolism of the word "light" and "miracle".

As an artist, I focus on the effects of light and capturing that in my creations. I have learned that light is essential to my well-being and that I am affected by the amount of daylight or not. Light is an illuminating source and I look for it in those people I encounter.

Miracles abound everywhere. Daily, I remind myself to be appreciative and grateful.

As I walked by the lighted menorah this evening, I was delighted by the still life that miraculously occurred.

Art and light.......

It reminds me to straighten the Matisse!

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