Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trillium Lane

Is it the Chehalis Western Trail Head or is it the Chehalis Western Trail End at Woodard Bay, Olympia, Washington?

For me since I always start at Woodard Bay, I think of it as the Chehalis Western Trail Head. The area is nestled in the trees and very picturesque.

For trillium lovers, this is the place! I have been amazed at the numbers of Trillium I have seen in the small area to the left of the main trail. Today I attempted to record a walk along the trail which I dubbed, "Trillium Lane" on my camera with the video setting. Unfortunately, not very experienced with my video setting on the camera, it came out sideways and I have not figured out how to turn it. Plus, now I have an idea of how it looks so that I can try again with better results. Next learning experience will be downloading it to my blog to share. Stay tuned.....

For a preview, here are some photographs along the trail:

This is my favorite spot as there are dozens of Trillium on
BOTH sides of the trail!

Bonus photo; Ebony and Trilliums

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