Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creative Juices Flowing Once Again

I have returned to painting!

Being so focused on my new house, both inside and out, my watercolor painting has been non-existent.

Waterlilies are a favorite of mine and I have decided to do a series of paintings around this subject matter. I am attracted to the beautiful essence of the waterlily, lily pads, and the surrounding water. The image connotes peace and tranquility. Maybe I am looking for this feeling in my life?

The first painting that I created I turned into a collage which at the moment is pressed under a load of books waiting for the glue to dry. If we have a break in the weather, I will photograph the painting and post.

Here is the next painting in progress. The photo is taken this evening in my studio under the daylight light which I use when I paint.

Stay tuned for it's next transformation..........

It feels good to be painting again!

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