Sunday, January 31, 2010

Art and Soul

All Artists must have a Soul vision to guide them; otherwise they would not stay focused for a lifetime.

The French Impressionist, Claude Monet, explained what happened to him when he was young. While working outdoors one day, in a single moment, "the veil parted," and his entire life destiny was laid out before him. Monet pierced the veil of surface reality and clearly saw a vision of the Divine. He was destined to be an artist, and that vision changed him forever. He learned why he was to be an artist, and no matter the struggles Monet endured during his life, that vision kept him on his destiny path to becoming a world treasure.

According to Paul Heussenstamm, the artist in each of us who has learned to use his/her eyes to view the world from our heart has begun to see the Soul. And to see with Soul. The key is learning "to access" the Soul. Art accesses the Soul of both the creator and the observer.

Large White Lotus
Paul Heussenstamm

A must read is Paul's book;
Divine forces - Art That Awakens The Soul

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