Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Edmonds Library Art Show

Library Features Artwork
by Joanne Osband & Mary Ann Hall

The Edmonds Arts Commission is pleased to present an exhibit entitled “Art and Healing” featuring work by Joanne Osband & Mary Ann Hall. The exhibit at Edmonds Library runs now through January 31, 2010. Library hours are Monday-Thursday 10 am to 9 pm, Friday 10 am-6 pm, Saturday 10 am-5 pm and Sunday 1-5 pm. The Edmonds Library is located at 650 Main St.

The current exhibit explores the use of art in healing. Joanne Osband, a trained art therapist, has used her skills in the public school setting, in private practice and most recently with the elderly population in nursing homes and as a Hospice Comfort Care Therapist. Art has been her personal expression since early childhood. She has explored many media, finding watercolors her passion of the past 25 years, fascinated by the flow of water and pigment on paper. Osband incorporates torn paper shapes (recycled former paintings) in her work and has recently added water-based oil paint to the collage painting to provide greater depth and deeper color. She begins each painting with the thought, “I wonder what will appear?” She usually begins with quick applications of color and then plays with the negative shapes to bring forth images. Her deep love of nature is evident in many of her pieces.

After 25 years of teaching school, Mary Ann Hall decided to learn to paint. When she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, she studied Lucia Capachion’s method of writing and painting with the non-dominant hand and gained strength through being in touch with her inner child. Hall’s artwork is spontaneous and playful with bright colors and ornamentation. She has shared her painting knowledge and her journaling with friends. Through this remarkable process Hall continues to heal and gain courage. Her inner child’s voice constantly reassures her that there is hope, valuable lessons to be learned, and enough love and support to carry her through the death of her body. She hopes others will gain insight and inspiration from her work.

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