Sunday, June 7, 2009

Woodard Bay

Today my friend and I visited Woodard Bay Natural Resource Conservation Area; 678 acres of coniferous forest on saltwater bay. A sanctuary for a variety of birds, harbor seals, river otters, bald eagles, a colony of bats, and an important great blue heron rookery. The 678 acres encompass maturing second-growth forest, the waters of Woodard and Chapman bays and a rich history that spans from American Indian use to settlement in the 1850s and Puget Sound's logging era.

It is a good place to come and learn about the former uses and about the area's abundant wildlife -- 175 species of birds have been recorded here. Mink are active during the day, and careful watchers can see these members of the weasel family along the water's edge.

Natural Resources wants to protect the scenic, archaeological, historical, cultural and ecological values in what amounts to an urban wildlife refuge only 15 minutes from downtown Olympia. But the primary concern is ecological values.


  1. Hi Joanne.... I found your blog and your lovely artwork!! Thought I would pop by and say hi!!
    I have a friend who works on the watershed in WA. I'm over in N. Idaho... Couer d Alene!!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I appreciate your complements. Washington is absolutely gorgeous this time of year.