Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top Art Destinations

Wondering where the favorite places are to view art?

According to AmericanStyle's poll the big city favorites are 1) New York, New York 2) Chicago, Illinois 3) Washington, D.C. All three destinations ranked the same last year in the poll. Interesting to note for us who live on the West Coast, San Francisco, California placed 4th; Seattle, Washington placed 7th, Los Angeles, California placed 10th, Portland, Oregon placed 11th, and San Diego, California placed 19th.

The top ranking mid-size cities were 1) Buffalo, New York 2) Chattanooga, Tennessee 3) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Apparently Chattanooga, Tennessee had never placed before in the top 25. Makes you wonder what is happening in the art scene there? West Coast cities placing were Scottsdale, Arizona in 4th and Tacoma, Washington in 13th.......WOW!

For the small cities category all three cities held on to their top rankings again this year. 1) Santa Fe, New Mexico 2) Asheville, North Carolina 3) Sedona, Arizona. Laguna Beach, California rose two positions to rank in 17th place.

Full results of AmericanStyle's 2009 Top 25 Arts Destinations

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