Sunday, April 26, 2009

Latest Watercolor Painting

Some paintings take longer that usual and this watercolor painting that I completed recently has been on my drafting table for a good month or so.

When I was at Sanoviv, Mexico, I was drawn to the ice plants which cascade down the cliffs to the ocean. I liked the spots of bright red, pink, orange, and yellow of the flowers contrasted against the green and red of the plant.

In a crack of the stairs to the patio over looking the ocean was an escapee small plant with one bloom. As I painted my rendition of the plant and scene, it came to symbolize the concept of "alone" and drew me closer to my feelings of being Motherless. My father died about 13 years ago, but my mother died just recently. This watercolor painting went through several transformations as I have and will. And when finally completed, it makes a bold statement to the meaning of "alone."


  1. Thank you for sharing this personal and important piece!

  2. Hi F. Monique,

    You are welcome!

    Appreciate your comment.