Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hummingbird Encounter

This morning I was honored to hold a hummingbird!

The poor little creature hit the window and landed on the ground in front of my cat. Quickly, I picked up the hummingbird. The little thing weighed hardly anything and sat in the palm of my hand looking at me. We talked for a while.

I placed the little guy (he had a touch of red on his throat; probably an immature male Anna Hummingbird) on the deck railing where he sat for awhile. I grabbed my camera as I have never had a hummingbird pose before.

When he decided to take off, unfortunately he crashed into the window of the door and ended up in the house! My cat was very excited now. I gathered the little hummingbird in my cupped hands and took him outside. After some deep breathing the little guy was ready to fly. I guided him towards the nearby trees.

I do not know which one of us had the most amazing encounter?

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