Saturday, April 6, 2013

Regal Bird

How many times can you just drive by before stopping?

For me it was three times. On my way to Belfair, Washington, to visit with a hospice patient for art therapy, I pass George Kenny School of Chainsaw Carving. His sculptures are displayed outdoors and definitely make a statement. You can get a glimpse driving by, but it is well worth a stop.

The day I stopped George just finished carving two bald eagles one of which caught my eye. Two weeks later I could not resist stopping to see if the eagle I liked was painted, burnished, and finished.

Yes, and I am happy to report he made his way home to my yard.

Check out the details he achieves with a chainsaw!


  1. Wow! The artistry that went into the making of this eagle are amazing. The detailing! Wonderful find you got there.