Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Block Printing Addiction

Yes, I believe I have the cravings to make block prints!

The other day, my artists friends and I had our second play date and, once again, chose to create block prints. Ellen Miffitt teaches the medium locally, but we got to enjoy her in-home class and culinary treats.

Last time I tried the flexible block and this time I went for the more stiff kind, but not as stiff as the old linoleum block.

I chose to carve the dogwood flower which bloomed in my yard last spring or was it early summer? This bloom was unfolding and a bee was in a frenzy searching for nectar and annihilated the stamens. It was absolutely fascinating to watch.

Here is the block:

The first print:

Printed on wall paper:

We put another date on the calendar; addiction confirmed!

1 comment:

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