Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Sketches

Still trying to hang on to the colors of fall before the dull days of winter. Another one of my favorite trees is the gingko tree.

The fan shape of the leaves of the gingko tree are very distinguishable from any other tree. I love the leaf's shape and in the fall the leaves turn a BRILLIANT yellow which is unmatched on the color wheel.

A friend of mine, Janet, gave me a photo she took of her friend's huge gingko tree which he planted many years ago as a little sapling. Her picture was a view of the magnificent tree through the french doors of his house. The photo inspired my sketch.

More Sunday Sketchers......


  1. Lovely! I love the contrast of the yellow and blue :)


  2. It's so beautiful. I hear you. Even after two snowfalls, we still have a few trees hanging on with their vibrant yellow colors here as well. :)