Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Garden Art

The last two weekends in September, Southwest Washington entertains art enthusiasts with ARTrails. About 60 artist participated in this year's studio tour through the region's historic communities and the back roads of Lewis County. The studio tour is free and self-guided.

What I have learned over the past few years is that you can only do a handfull of artist's studios in one day as each one is a delight and requires time to visit. I do find myself visiting several of the same artists, but always add a couple of new ones.

This year my new artist is a rare gem; Ron & Victoria Smith. They create metal yard art welded from recycled "found objects" collected throughout the West which include farm machinery parts, garden tools, car parts, horseshoes, ranch items, antique items, and the list goes on......

It was love at first sight! I saw the sculpture I wanted as we entered their driveway. The bird has found a happy home in my front yard.

Is that cool or what?!?!?!

The wings move with the wind!

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