Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Sketches

I believe in echinacea.

It is the herb I turn to when I feel a cold coming or when I am around someone who has a cold. Echinacea linked with some vitamin C are my first choice for cold defense.

I am also very fond of the grace and color of the echinacea flower. After it goes through its first bloom the petals begin to fall and drape gracefully from the center. The orange-ish center contrasts beautifully with the pinkish petals.

Unfortunately, the colors did not come through as clearly in this photo of my painting.

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  1. Beautiful sketch ~ colorful and very elegant ~ Professional! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. i am also fond of this plant and it's flowers.
    it's healing inspiration and beauty.
    your painting is quite lovely.
    a wonderful way to get to know a flower better, i imagine is to paint it.

  3. This is beautiful, Joanne. Probably one of my favourite flowers and painting of yours. :)

  4. I missed SS but I'm zipping around and checking to see what everyone is up too! I have such trouble with dark backgrounds in my've done this beautifully! So delicate that flower looks...