Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Sketches


Wedding and childcare now history, I can pick up my brush once again!

One of my favorite flower is gracing the landscape these days; the foxglove or also called by its formal name, digitalis. I have taken somewhat of a kinship to this beauty in that I refer to the spots as freckles. Between the freckles and wonderful shapes, I continue to paint several renditions of this charming flower. Today it is watercolor and ink.

I feel an oil painting coming on......

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  1. Oh this is beautiful!! I love how the little flowers are coming out of the foxglove!

  2. Joanne, these are absolutely beautiful! Wow! I love it and the tiny detail. Your simply amazing and it's wonderful to see you back out here in our world!! :) Hugs

  3. This is so gorgeous and you have perfectly captured one of my favourite flowers.... there was a lady in our Botanical Art Soc who specialised in them and had a cool house to grow them in our climate so she always had wonderful specimens... I am going to forward the link to her as I think she would enjoy your work very much... glad you are back...xx

  4. Full of beauty, like small rose colored horns of plenty...such Happy Sunday Sketching.

  5. This is lovely. Your colors are amazing!

  6. and ohhhhhhhh sooooooooo beautiful!
    cheers, dana

  7. oh wow!!! this is so gorgeous!!!! what a wonderful new piece....