Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alice Walker Mural in Gaza

"Boats in the Flotilla sailing to Gaza," was the theme of the mural the Maia Mural Brigade painted at the Beit Hanoun Kindergarden in Gaza City where writer and activist Alice Walker generously purchased a water filtration system so that the children have fresh, clean water to drink EVERYDAY.

As I have shared in previous blogs, the problem of water is at crisis proportion in Gaza. The Maia Mural Project is helping to bring awareness to this issue and help bring about funding for more water filtration systems to all the schools and kindergartens.

Alice Walker was on the Flotilla which was destine for Gaza as an expression of Solidarity except that Israel would not allow the ship to pass to the shores of Gaza.

The Flotilla was made to turned back by Israel.

Here is the mural....

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